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Integration of your email signature with Spark on Android

You can download the SPARK application here :

Set up your mailboxes

To set up your signature, you just have to go to the Settings menu:

Select the tab "Signatures" :

Click on : + ADD A SIGNATURE

Go to the HTML section

In your user interface, section "Mail signature", select and copy the "HTML code" displayed below the signature:


In Spark, click on the "HTML" button and paste your code:

And that's it, your signature is set up, and will be automatically updated when you make future changes.

When you leave the "HTML" mode you can also add text in your signature.

Now you can test your signature by sending yourself an email BUT BE CAREFUL the link of your signature is NEVER active when you edit the email but only when you receive it.

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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