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Integration of your email signature with Gmail

Warning! This tutorial is only dedicated to the online version from a browser such as Chrome or Firefox and in no case to the applications on smartphones.**
On mobiles, we invite you to use the "Spark" application (free application perfect for using email signatures but not only) which works on iPhone, Android and MAC. Another advantage with Spark, by setting your signature on your MAC and if you install "Spark" on your smartphone (you will have to configure your mailbox) the email signatures will be automatically configured in your smartphone._

Go to your CARD.PM user interface / administrator in the "EMAIL SIGNATURE" tab

Press the "COPY SIGNATURE**" button

Open your "Gmail" application, click on the tooth wheel menu and select "**Settings**" from the drop down menu.

Go to the signature settings of the mail then make a "**glue**" (ctrl + the letter V on PC or cmd + the letter V on MAC) in the signature editing space

IMPORTANT : Once the signature is copied, you still have to save the changes by clicking on the button provided for this purpose at the bottom of the page.

Test your new signature by sending yourself an email (be careful to select the right email signature if you have several accounts). Once you have received the email (be sure to accept the download of images from your email application), click on the image of your email signature to verify that you are directed to your interactive business card (opening a web page with your business card).

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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