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Integration of your email signature on your iPad (Apple Mail)


- Open and connect to your CARD.PM user interface on your iPhone from your SAFARI browser (imperative) then go to the "EMAIL SIGNATURE" section

- Once your signature is on the screen, you must tap on the "COPY SIGNATURE" button which then turns green with the text "THE SIGNATURE IS COPYED" !

- You must then go to the Settings menu of your iPhone

- Then Signature

- Once in the signature management menu, you have to paste your signature in the zone provided for this purpose by selecting the right email account.

IMPORTANT : You must put at least one character above or below the image so that it is taken into account by the Mail application. You can also for example put a personalized text : "Yours truly" / "your first name" or a simple dot "." or dash "-" under the image of your signature. Without this step the signature will not load in your emails.

- Once the signature is pasted you must then shake (yes yes shake) your iPhone hard to bring up the menu "Undo Edit Attributes" this will depend on your OS version (before iOS 13)

Tap on "Yes" then tap on the top left arrow < Mail

You then have to test your new signature by editing a new mail from your mail application.

Your signature should then appear at the bottom of your email.

If you get stuck on one of the steps or if it does not work we advise you to restart your iPhone and re-start following all the steps of this tutorial or try with the Application Spark

And that's it, your signature is installed!

Now you can test your signature by sending yourself an email BUT BE CAREFUL, the link of your signature is NEVER active when you send the email but only when you receive it.

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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