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Integration of your email signature (standard procedure)

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To access your email signature, you need to login to your user or manager account using the codes we sent you by email.

Once in the interface of your card:

Click on the EMAIL SIGNATURE button :

You will then arrive on this screen:

Click on the "COPY SIGNATURE" button

To finish you have to make a "PASTE" with the right button of your mouse or your keyboard (CTRL key + V key or cmd key + V on Mac) of the signature in the location provided for this purpose in your mail application and you should then see your mail signature displayed.

For a better integration and if your mail application manages directly the html code we put it at your disposal** disposition**. You will simply have to make sure that you are in the html settings field and "paste" the html text you previously "copied".**.

Save your changes and test them by sending you an email.

Be careful to select the right email signature before sending the email.

Warning: The signature link is NEVER active when editing an email but only when receiving it, so it is imperative to send you an email to test.

When you receive the email, click on the signature, it should open your digital business card on your web browser by default.

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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