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Integration of your email signature with Apple Mail

Apple very recently banned the display of images loaded from an external server in its Mail software. Our team is hard at work creating a dedicated solution.

We invite you to take a look at the free Spark software, which easily takes over from Apple's software, offers a more recent solution, and offers total synchronization between your devices (you configure it on your Mac, and it is automatically synced to your iPhone and iPad).

Retrieve the HTML code of your email signature from your CARD.PM user account by making a "copy" (select the text in blue then right click > copy).

Once your HTML file is copied, from your computer you must go to the MAIL > PREFERENCES > SIGNATURES application and click on the "+" icon of the email account of your choice (if you have several).

At this point, either an "automatic" text is inserted into the signature, or you write a small text such as "essay" for example.

Then, exit the preferences and close the Apple Mail application.

modify the .mailsignature file

For information, this file is created automatically when you add a signature in the Mail preferences (step 2 of this tutorial) and it is the one you will have to modify to personalize your mail signature with the CARD.P signature.

To do this, you must go to the desktop of your Mac:

Keep the header in green and modify the code in red with your own HTML

3.1. go to FINDER

3.2. click on the GO tab and simultaneously on the ALT / OPTION KEY

3.3. this will allow you to make the hidden tab called LIBRARY appear. Keep the option key pressed to make this menu appear.

Or 2nd method:

In the Finder, select Go > Go to Folder.

- In the Go to Folder dialog box, type: ~/Library

Click Go.

3.4. Click on MAIL > V8 (or other number) > MAILDATA > SIGNATURE

3.5. then, you have to find the last created file which will be 1XC1D786-D938-3GZ9-FO29-2F02T7J8SL14.**mailsignature** (check with the date and time of creation)

3.6. open the .mailsignature file with your text editor: here, you will have to keep the header (green frame) and replace the body (in red) by the HTML code generated in step 1 (red frame on the screenshot below)

Zone to keep in green and in red to be replaced by the HTML code of your signature (copied in step 1)

3.7. Don't forget to save the changes!

Before opening the Mail application again you must lock the .mailsignature file by right-clicking on it > then click on "read information" and check the "Locked" box

Check the result of your professional email signature

Now, open the Apple Mail application, prepare a test mail by selecting your signature.

Updated on: 28/02/2022

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