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Using the Shortcuts application on iPhone (iOS 12+)

If you don't have the "Shortcuts" application on your iPhone, click here to download it from the App Store :

Open the application on your iPhone.

Click on the plus button + on the top right corner:

Then on "+ Add an action".

In the section "send a message" click on "+ Contact" !

Complete the zone "Message" with the message you want to send to your contacts, without forgetting the link of your digital business card but do not complete the zone "Recipients" and do next.


Give a name to your shortcut "Business card" for example

By clicking on the pictogram, you can change it as well as the color of your shortcut with the tabs "Color" and "Glyph" then click on "Ok".

Then click on "On home screen" to put the shortcut on the screen of your phone then click on "Ok" !


When you need to send your business card you just have to click on the new shortcut, it will open the sms application of your iPhone with the pre-filled text.

Then you just have to enter the mobile number of your contact in the field "To" and send the sms.


Updated on: 10/08/2021

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