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Using the manager account

You will find in your manager account according to your authorizations:

- The management of your cards

- Licenses waiting to be assigned to a holder

- The management of one or more templates

- The creation of one or more templates

- Consult your invoices / credit notes / quotes / subscriptions

- To pay your subscriptions in the course of renewal.

- To order new cards

- To consult the statistics of use of the cards

- Export your data in Excel format

- To the online support

- Information on sales

From the menu on the left, you can also find the different sections that are always accessible from the different pages in order to facilitate navigation in your interface.


- Find the list of your cards sorted by name

- You can filter / organize with different views the cards / add cards with the + button

Search for a card in the list by typing in the search field the name or surname of the cardholder then press ENTER or click on the magnifying glass.

Once on the card you wish to edit, click on it to open its menu:

- Edit the card in order to modify it using the dedicated tutorial by clicking here

- Delivery of the map

- See the statistics related to this map

- Edit the template of this map to apply modifications

- Assign this card to another template (for example change of agency or division)

- Permanently delete the card


Find here all the templates of your company

Clicking on a template opens the possible actions at this level:

- See the cards assigned to this template

- Have a preview of the template

- Edit the template to modify it with the dedicated tutorial by clicking here

- Change the name of the template

- Modify or complete the name of the company that appears when sharing the cards


Find here the elements related to your brand

Contract :

- Date of validation of the contract

- The structure of the url of your company

- Individual and/or grouped sales in your dedicated sales channel

- The rate dedicated to your company / network

Appearance :

Name, logo and favicon (square logo format 400 x 400 / 600 x 600) of your dedicated channel.

User rights :

Find here the configuration of all the features and data that can be modified or not by the user via his user account.

If the box is checked the function is available on the user interface.

The Managers option allows to display or name for managers the topics (data modification) to which users have access or not in their interface.

If the box is checked the managers will see (but identified in gray hatch) from their interface the data not editable by users.


Contact details of the DPO (Data Protection Officer)

Email / Name / Function


By checking the box, you require a double validation from your users involving the validation of your RGPD policy.

In the text area you can integrate a text that explains what the user commits to by checking this box and what will be the use of his photo.

The user must therefore give you permission to use his photo on his digital business card.


Find here the statistics on the opening of the cards / of the downloading of the Vcards from the card with the download buttons / and of the opening of the cards from the email signatures (if the signature is well configured in the email utility, refer to the email signature section by clicking here)

A filter by IP address is made for unique visitors, if an opening is made several times from the same IP address it will be counted only once.

For the openings, the IP addresses are confused.


Information on where your data is hosted on our servers.

Contracts, see here :

- Our TOS (Terms and Conditions of Use)

- Our privacy policy

- Our security policy


Download the list of user consents for the use of his photo

Find in this view, in green the cards that allow to use the photo on the card and not only on the vcard and in yellow those that do not allow.

Export :

Download all the data of your cards in .XLSX format

Type of exported data (not exhaustive)



Summary :

Your current licenses or to renew

Documents :

find here your invoices, credit notes, estimates and renewals to be paid

Identity and contact information :

Elements linked to your customer account for invoicing: Company name, intra-community VAT, SIRET, email address for receiving invoices, billing address.


Order new cards / licenses here


Find here the link to our online support to answer your main questions (FAQ)

In the field "Free search" enter a theme for your search for example (video, signature, color...)


(reseller and partner accounts)

License sales within your network by month / year / total

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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