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Template management

The template is the set of elements that you will find on a set, a group of cards.

For example, the company logo, the colors, a video...

FUNCTIONING : In case of modification on the card, this one will take over the parameter of the template for example : If I have a logo or an address in my template and that I add a logo or an address on the card, these last ones will replace those of the template.


TEMPLATE NAME : Rename your template to better identify it

NAME DISPLAYED IN AUTOMATIC MESSAGES WHEN SHARING (SMS ETC...) : Name that is automatically implemented when sharing cards


Find here the languages checked for your maps.

This allows you to display the flags of the languages but be careful you must complete the different languages selected with texts and translated links.


COLORS : Determine the colors of your card(s) in the different elements of the card(s).

For this, we offer 4 methods to set your colors:

Automated selection : We propose the colors of your logos that you must select for each zone of your card.

Simplified mode : We propose a color selection palette for each zone of your map.

Advanced mode: Enter precisely the codes of your colors for each zone of your map.

There are online utilities that allow you to retrieve the colors of your logo (do a search on the internet with "Online Color Picker")

LOGO : Change the logo of your card

Add a second logo to your card

BACKGROUND : Change the image that is in the background of your screen or behind your card (it is important to integrate a quality image because your card is also visible from computers.

NEWS : Put a video and / or a banner (for the banner, consult us because you do not have the hand yet)

To know how to put a video on your card click here

PAGE FEATURES: Create a link to other web pages (from your site for example or from a partner for example: our price list, our team, our products ...)

ADDRESS : The address of your company


GOOGLE MAPS ADDRESS LINK: Once on the address of your company on google maps make a copy / paste the link in the address bar of your browser.

You can also add elements that will be on your map at the address: Name of the company, department or division, website linked to the address, phone, email

WEBSITES: Link to your website(s)

icons: Find these icons at the bottom of your map: Web / Linked / Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest / Vimeo / Viadeo / Dailymotion / Tumblr / Github / Blog

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Link to your customer reviews page with customizable link text (for example: our customer reviews).

If you are with Opinion System for your customer reviews, we have optimized the integration of your reviews here is the process by clicking here


Company name




Subtitle / Message sub-logo / Introduction text / Legal notice and footer.

NOTES VCARD: Put a series of words that will allow your contacts to find you by typing these words in the phone book (Example: Real estate agent, plumber, buying, selling, renting, marketing, digital,...)

You can also put the words in several languages.

Tutorial for modifying elements in the map (not in the template) by clicking here

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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