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To learn more, here is a short video presentation:

As well as a demonstration card : (You can also test it on your smartphone by copying the url in your Safari or Chrome browser or by flashing the Qrcode below)

Our unit price is 30€ HT (excluding partner rates) per year with a volume degression from 10 cards.
For this price you have a license for a digital business card, a mail signature and a user / manager account to modify the elements of your card(s).

To order your card(s) or make a quote online, you can do it directly from our website in the "order" section or by clicking directly on this link

Even more ? :

CARD.PM provides professionals with a dematerialized business card service in the form of a web application. It does not require the installation of an application on your smartphone but simply the creation of a web shortcut on it.

You will find on this card the standard elements of a paper business card:
Logo - Photo - Contact information but much more!

You will be able to integrate videos, banners, pdf files, links to websites, but also the geolocation of your company, your social networks, customer reviews, legal notices, instant messaging and customizable text fields.
All the elements of the card are interactive with an automatic pre-capture of phone numbers and email addresses for your contacts!

Once the shortcut of your digital business card is created on your smartphone you will be able to share it via Qrcode, sms, email, whatsapp, signal, facebook messenger, air drop on iphone but also on facebook, linkedin and other applications! This card will also be part of your email signature.

When the card is opened on your contact's smartphone, he will be able to interact directly with you, to consult all the information available to him and to save your contact information in his smartphone's directory to find you more easily.

From the web interface of your secure manager account you will have full control over your graphic charts and all the elements of your cards
All modifications are unlimited and included in the price of your subscription, even in case of a change of owner!

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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