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How and where to modify and complete business cards

To modify or complete your card(s) you must be connected to your user/administrator account using your login and password sent by email.

In case of loss of your login and/or password click here (use the email registered for your account) or make a request to

Depending on the agreements with your management / network, you may not have access to all the sections below.

The codes to connect to this interface are sent by mail with the link of your business card so before contacting us look in your mails and spams (mail sent from



Find here :

- The link of your card

- The template to which the card is attached

- The link to a network


Find here your email signature to copy / paste in your email application with the dedicated button or by using the HTML code that we provide you. Consult our dedicated section by clicking here


Find here the Qrcode of your card to download in PNG or SVG format to integrate it on another support. (paper business card / flyer / kakemono ...)



Modify here your name and first name


Modify here :

- Title and function

- Division

- Company name

- Subtitle


Your portrait photo (We automatically compress your photos) Preferably we invite you to put a photo in portrait format. Be careful to choose the right photo. Do not hesitate to make one with your smartphone / digital camera or by using a photographer.

Be careful with vacation photos Depending on your job, prefer a well-framed professional pose.


EMAIL(S) : Your email address(es)

PHONE : Mobile phone / landline / fax ...

MESSAGING : Skype / Facebook Messenger / WeChat / Slack / SMS (this option allows you to click on the number to automatically launch the smartphone's sms application)...

ADDRESS : The address of your company


GOOGLE MAPS ADDRESS LINK: Once on the address of your company on google maps make a copy / paste the link in the address bar of your browser.

You can also add elements that will be on your map at the address: Company name, department or division, website linked to the address, phone, email

SOCIAL NETWORKS : Linked, Facebook, Viadeo

These links appear in the contact information on the card (with the phone, email, etc. ...)

The ideal is to put the personal social networks in this place and those of the company in the section "CONTENTS" / Icons

If you only have one account of each we advise you to put them in both places (Social Networks and Icons)

Websites: Link to your website(s)


NEWS: Put a video and / or a banner (for the banner, consult us because you do not have the hand yet)

To know how to put a video on your card click here

TEXTS : Introductory text / Deepening / Subtitle / Legal notice / Keywords* / Message sub-logo

*KEYWORDS : Put a series of words that will allow your contacts to find you by typing these words in the directory of their phone (Example : Real estate agent, plumber, purchase, sale, rental, marketing, digital...)

You can also put the words in several languages.

icons: Find these icons at the bottom of your card: Web / Linked / Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest / Vimeo / Viadeo / Dailymotion / Tumblr / Github / Blog

FOOTNOTES : Create a link(s) to other web pages (of your site for example or of a partner for example : our price list, our team, our products ...)

You must enter the url of the link you want to point to in the "URL address" field and then enter the title of the link that will appear on your card in the "Link title" field.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Link to your customer review page with a customizable link text (for example: our customer reviews).

The logo of the service is automatically put in the card of an integration at CARD.PM

If you are with Opinion System for your customer reviews, we have optimized the integration of your reviews here is the process by clicking here

SHARING TEXT : Allows you to customize the texts (sms / email) that are automatically generated by our application when you share a card with the share button.


LOGO : Change or add a logo on a card

UNDER LOGOS : Add a second logo under the first one to your card

BACKGROUND : Change the image that is in the background of your screen or behind your map (it is important to integrate a quality image and landscape format because your map is also visible from computers).


STATISTICS : Number of views and unique visitors of your map (filter by IP address)

LANGUAGES : Languages you want to activate (Beware you will have to translate the elements in the other languages and have links that also refer to content in the language).

This is in no way to indicate the languages you speak.

Updated on: 30/09/2021

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