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Why do we appear in the url (link) of your cards and in the Open Graph thumbnail of your phone when you send a text message?

Although we do our best not to appear on our customers' maps (which is already the case) and offer a white label service, there are still traces of our service name because we host all our customers' maps.

Indeed we appear in the url (link) of the map which is nothing less than a web page (WebApp) as well as in the thumbnail generated by some phones compatible with the Open Graph protocol.

Definition of the Open Graph protocol:

The Open Graph protocol is a set of tags that allows a webmaster to give the main social networks (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linked in...) precise information about its pages. This information will allow the social networks to better display a link on one of these pages that would have been placed by their users.

The Open Graph protocol was originally created by Facebook and is now managed by the Open Web Foundation.

open graph tags

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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